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Postcards from Bucharest
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Vlad the Impaler, the legendary Prince Dracula , set up the city of  Bucharest in 1459. The story goes that the dawn of the city of Bucharest is related to Bucur, the name of a prince or shephard. The name of the city is also associated with "joy".
Restaurant Doina - Kisseleff Avenue
Bucur Church
Caldarusani Lake and Monastery
Caldarusani Monastery
Cernica Lake and Monastery in winter
Cismigiu Gardens
Baratia Catholic Church
Continental Hotel
"Curtea Veche"  Church
The fountains by Unirii Square
General Magheru Boulevard
Lido Hotel
Negoiu and Union Hotels
Lascar Catargiu Boulevard
Manuc Inn
Metropolitan Cathedral
Mogosoaia Palace
Mogosoaia Palace - Interior
Pasarea Monastery
St. Gheorghe Church
Pasarea Monastery
Plumbuita Monastery
Romania Patriarchal Palace
Samurcasesti Monastery
St. Nicolae Monastery
The Faculty of Law
The Geological Museum
The Botanical Garden
Bucharest 1
Lutheran Church
Bucharest 3
Bucharest Map