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Postcards from Bucharest
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Bucharest is a beautiful city with a population over two million. Its cultural establishments, part of the European culture, and its opera, operetta, theatres, philharmonics are well known around the world. Many museums reveal the richness of Bucharest's cultural and historic life
Bucharest 2
Bucharest 1
The Opera House
The Medical College
The National Library
The Museum of History
The Museum of Natural History
The National Museum of Fine Arts
The Romanian Academy
The National Theatre
Antim Monastery
Mihai Voda Church
St. Joseph Catholic Church
The National Military Circle
The Military Circle
The Village Museum
The Village Museum
Bucharest - Foisorul de Foc (The Fire Station Museum)
Bucharest - Stirbei Palace
Bucharest - Melic House (1760)
Bucharest Map