George Bacovia Poems
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George Bacovia (1881-1957)
Lead (Plumb) 1916
Lead (Plumb)
Scene (Decor)
Lacustrine (Lacustra)
Sonnet (Sonet)
Winter Picture (Toblou de Iarna)
In the Garden (In Gradina)
Toward Autumn (Spre Toamna)
Paling (Palind)
Violet Dusk (Amurg Violet)
December (Decembrie)
Black (Negru)
Neurosis (Nevroza)
Thaw (Moina)
Melancholy (Melancolie)
Autumn Nerves (Nervi de Toamna)
Gloomy Evening (Seara Trista)
Autumn Notes (Note de toamna)
Oh, Dusks ... (Oh, Amurguri ...)
Winter Dusk (Amurg de Iarna)
Yearning (Alean)
July (Cuptor)
Autumn (Toamna)
Alone (Singur)
"Bacovia's poem are too valuable not to be shared by readers of English. His Romanian-ness has something in common with Varlaine's Frenchness, or the English-ness of Larkin, or Betjeman; it is what most people value as the special and inseparable relationship between a poet and his native language and culture.
Bacovia has uniquely created a world - strangely coloured, damp, bitter, yet for all his melancholy, sanely and toughly observed - and a voice which is memorable and true."
                                  from Translator's Foreword by
Peter Jay
Worn Out (Trudit)
Dusk (Amurg)
Otherwise (Altfel)
Sideshow (Panorama)
Winter Lead (Plumb de Iarna)
Nocturne (Nocturna)
Autumn Lead (Plumb de Toamna)
In the Park (In Parc)
White (Alb)
Yellow Sparks (Scantei Galbene) 1926
Yellow Sparks (Scantei Galbene)
Alone (Singur)
Dusk (Amurg)
Midnight (Miezul Noptii)
Wind (Vant)
Night (Noapte)
The Ghosts (Strigoii)
Nocturne (Nocturna)
Spring Notes (Note de Primavara)
Summer Dusk (Amurg de Vara)
Empty (Gol)
To a Virgin (Unei Fecioare)
Autumn Waltz (Vis de Toamna)
Snow (Ninge)
And it snows ... (Si ninge...)
Winter lead (Plumb de iarna)
Cold (Frig)
Morning (Dimineata)
With You (Cu Voi) 1930
Plenty (Belsug)
Storm (Furtuna)
Nocturne (Nocturna)
Ballad (Balada)
Dusk (Amurg)
Piano (Piano)
At the Altar (In Altar)
Final Poem (Poema Finala)
Comedies at Heart (Comedii in Fond) 1936
In Happiness (In Fericire)
Bourgeois Stanzas (Stante Burgheze) 1946
Perpetuum Mobile
On Art (De Arta)
Poems (Poezii) 1957
Evening (Seara)
In Winter (In Iarna)