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Postcards from Tuscany
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Tuscany, Toscana in Italian, is a region where the past and present merge in pleasant harmony. Its cities contain some of Italy's most famous artistic treasures. Its landscape range from the spectacular mountains of the Alpi Apulane to the gentle hills of Chianti and pristine stretches of the coastline. Tuscany, the birthplace of Dante, Giotto, Bocaccio, Galileo and Puccini, provides historic beautiful monuments and sensational views everywhere you look.   
Tuscany - San Gimignano
Tuscany - San Gimignano (Porta San Giovanni)
Tuscany - San Gimignano (Via San Giovanni)
San Gimignano (Piazza del Duomo)
San Gimignano (The Town Hall)
Tuscany - San Gimignano (Cathedral Square)
Tuscany - San Gimignano (Sant' Agostino)
Tuscany - San Gimignano (Arco dei Becci)
Tuscany - San Gimignano (Crucifix by Cappo di Marcovaldo)
Tuscany - Pistoia (Palazzo Comunale)
Tuscany - Monteriggioni
Tuscany - Grosseto
Tuscany - Arezzo
Tuscany - Arezzo (The Town Hall)
Tuscany - Arezzo (The flag wavers)
Tuscany - Arezzo (The Saracen)
Tuscany - Greve in Chianti
Tuscany - Grave in Chianti
Tuscany - Grave in Chianti
Tuscany - Prato
Tuscany - Procchio
Tuscany - Arezzo
Tuscany - Cortona
Tuscany - Siena (Piazza del Campo)
Tuscany - Siena (Piazza del Campo)
Tuscany - Siena
Tuscany - Siena (The Cathedral)
Tuscany - Siena (Duomo)
Tuscany - Siena
Tuscany - Siena (San Domingo)
Tuscany (Isle of Elba)
Tuscany - Isola del Giglio
Tuscany 1
Tuscany 3
Italy Map
Tuscany, Italy - Pisa, Piazza Dei Miracoli
Tuscany, Italy - Pitigliano
Tuscany, Italy - San Gimignano Panorama
Tuscany, Italy - Siena City View
Tuscany, Italy - Siena Il Duomo
Tuscany, Italy - Siena Duomo Interior
Tuscany, Italy - Siena Panorama