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Postcards from Tuscany
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Tuscany - Castiglioncello
Tuscany - Livorno air view
Tuscany - Livorno
Tuscany - Livorno (Piazza Grande)
Tuscany - Lucca (San Michele Church)
Tuscany - Lucca
Tuscany - Lucca
Tuscany - Lucca air view
Tuscany - Lucca (San Gervasio Entrance)
Tuscany - Luca (San Frediano)
Tuscany - Lucca (Villa Torriggiani)
Tuscany - Borgo a Mozzano
Tuscany - Bagni di Lucca
Tuscany - Torre del Lago
Tuscany - Torre del Lago
Tuscany - Viareggio
Tuscany - Forte dei Marmi
Tuscany - Pisa (The Cathedral and the Leaning Tower)
Tuscany - Pisa (The Baptistery)
Tuscany - Pisa (Piazza dei Miracoli)
Tuscany - Pisa (Santa Maria della Spina)
Tuscany - Pisa (San Matteo)
Tuscany - Pisa (St. Stefano dei Cavalieri)
Tuscany - Pisa (Baptistery Pulpit)
Tuscany - Pisa (The Cathedral Pulpit)
Tuscany - Pisa (The Monumental Cemetery)
Tuscany - Pisa (Piazza dei Cavalieri)
Tuscany - Pisa (The Leaning Tower)
Tuscany - San Gimignano
Tuscany - San Gimignano
Tuscany - San Gimignano
Tuscany - San Gimignano
Tuscany - San Gimignano (Piazza della Cisterna)
Tuscany, Toscana in Italian, was already populated in the 7th century BC by the Etruscians. By 241 BC Romans had built the Aurelia, a road from Rome to Pisa that is still in use today. By 1555, Tuscan cities were united under Florence to form the grand duchy of Tuscany. Considered by many to be the most beautiful region of Italy, with its hills, mountains, miles of superb beaches, olive trees and vineyards, Tuscany provides breathtaking views everywhere you look.  
Tuscany 2
Tuscany 3
Italy, Tuscany - Arezzo (Piazza Grande)
Italy, Cortona - Palazzo Comunale
Italy, Massa Marittima
Italy, Montepulciano - Palazzo Comunale
Italy, Montepulciano - Chiesa Di San Biagio
Italy, Vinci Panorama
Italy, Volterra fortress
Italy Map