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Postcards from Sibiu
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Sibiu City View
Sibiu City Hall
Sibiu - Cibin
Sibiu Council Tower
Sibiu Downtown
Sibiu City Walls
Sibiu Agriculture Bank
Sibiu Downtown
Sibiu - Iron Bridge (nickname Liar's Bridge - 1859)
Sibiu Monuments
Sibiu Fountain
Sibiu Hotel Bulevard
Sibiu - Parcul Tineretului
Sibiu - Sub Arini Park
Sibiu - Sub Arini Park
Sibiu - Sub Arini Park
Pope Celestin III gave the Saxons permission to organize "the German church beyond the forest" in 1191. The Saxon settlers named their colony Villa Hermanni. Founded on the site of the former Roman village of Cibinium, Sibiu (Hermannstadt to the Saxons, Nagyszeben to Hungarians) has always been one of the leading cities of Transylvania. The historic centre has many fine old churches as well as the remains of the original Saxon Bastions that formed the town's fortifications.
Sibiu Cibin
Sibiu - Evangelical Church (1300-1520)
Sibiu Pictures 2
Sibiu Map