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Postcards from Perugia
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Perugia - Panoramic view
Perugia - Town Hall and Major Fountain
Perugia - The Cathedral of St. Lawrence
Perugia - Panoramic view
Perugia, Italy - Panoramic view from Porta Sole
Perugia - IV November Square
Perugia - Town Hall and Major Fountain
Perugia - Fontana Maggiore (The Major Fountain)
Perugia, Italy - Fontana Maggiore (The Major Fountain)
Perugia - Palazzo Comunale (The Town Hall)
Perugia, Italy - Gallenga Palace
Perugia - Saint Francis al Prato's Church
Perugia - St. Juliana's Cloister and Bell-Tower
Perugia, Italy - Via Appia
Perugia - The Church of St. Philip Neri
Perugia - The Church of St. Francis
Perugia - Etruscan Arch
Perugia - "Maesta delle Volte" Fountain
Perugia - the Temple of St. Michael the Archangel
Perugia - St. Bernardino Oratory
Perugia - Oratory of SS. Andrew and Bernardino
Perugia - Marzia Gate and Paolina Fortress
Pesa Gate and "Dei Tei" arch
Perugia, Italy - St. Peter's Church
Perugia - St. Peter's Church (Interior)
Perugia - The Church of St. Bevignate
Perugia - "Francesco Morlacchi" Theatre
Perugia - The Church of Madonna of Light and St. Luke
Perugia - The Church of St. Herculanus
Perugia, capital of the Umbria region, lies at the heart of Italy in a peaceful and beautiful landscape. Home to Italy's best chocolate, Perugini, the city of Perugia is the best-preserved medieval hill town of its size. It is also a city of art with numerous museums, including the Galleria Nazionale dell'Umbria, and a city of culture because of  the presence of two historic Universities and events of universal scope, as Umbria Jazz and Sagra Musicale Umbra.
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