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Map of Romania - Continental View
Location: Southeastern Europe
Area: 237,499 sq. km
Land: 230,340 sq. km
    (13th in Europe)
Data Code: RO
Population: 22.7 million
   (10th in Europe)
Life Expectancy at Birth
both sexes 71 years
Urban Population 55%
Density (pop/sq.miles) 243
Capital City:
Bucharest 2.06 million
Government: Republic
Legislative Power:
The Romania Parliament
Executive Power:
Romanian Government
Judicial Power:
Supreme Court of Justice
National Day: December 1
Airports: 62, 160 airfields
Railroads: 11,221 km
Highways: 72,799 km
Road speed limits: 60km (37mph) city, 90km (57mph) on main roads
Romania Continental Map