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Postcards from Korea
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Korea ("Han'guk" for South Koreans) was an independent kingdom under Chinese suzerainty, a republic after World War II and today is a fully functioning modern democracy. Since the early 1960's, South Korea has achieved an incredible record of growth and integration into the high-tech modern world economy. There are 9 provinces and 7 metropolitan cities with a population of over one million. Seoul, the capital of Korea, is the urban center, having 10 million residents. There are about 3,000 islands belonging to Korea, the largest Jejudo Island of volcanic origin is famous for its numerous hills, beautiful gorges and dramatic waterfalls.
Seoul - Korea National Bank
Korea, Stepping-Stones
Korea, Seoul - Night view of the Han River
Korea, Straw-roofed House
Night view of Seoul Station
Korea, Seongsan Mountain Ilchulbong at Jeju Island
Seoul, Cable car at Namsan
Korea, Seolak Mountain
Korea, Seoul - Han Gang River
Korea - Scenery of Beomeosa Temple
Seeoul - Jasmil Sports Complex
Korea, Top of the Hanra mountain at Jeju Island
Seoul, Sunset on the Han River
Korea, Suwon Banghwa-Suryujeong
Korea, Seoul - Namsan Tower
Korea, View of Beopjusa Temple
Korea, Seoul - View of the city
Korea, Gwanghanru Pavilion in Namwon
Korea, Seoul - Night view of Sungnyemun
Korea, Gwanchoksa Temple
Korea, Seoul - View of Sungnyemun
Korea, Geumsan Temple Mireukjeon (Hall)
Korea, View of Seoul Station
Korea, Gakhwangjeon Hall in Hwaeomsa Temple
Korea - Night view of Seoul City
Korea, Hwaeomsa Temple in Jily Mountain
Korea, Seoul - World Trade Center
Korea, Bulguksa Temple at Gyeonju
Korea, Seoul - Heunginjimun
Korea, Maisan Mountain Tapsa
Korea, Seoul - Night view of Independence Gate
Korea, Sinheungsa Temple in Seolak Mountain
Korea, Seoul - Beacon lighthousee at Namsan
Korea, Stand Buddhist Image in Mireuk-ri
Korea, Scenery of Baekyangsa Temple
South Korea - Busan
South Korea - Busan
South Korea - Busan
South Korea - Busan
South Korea - Busan
South Korea - Busan
South Korea - Busan