Postcards from Romania
Constantin Brancusi Sculptures
Brancusi - Kissing Gate
Brancusi - Endless Column
The entrance of the central park in Targu Jiu is marked by Brancusi's Gate of the Kiss, an archway bearing folk art motifs from Oltenia. Abstracted versions of his famous Kiss motif are inscribed around the top slab and on all four faces of each pillar. The motif originates in his wonderfully sculpture of the same name, which resides in the Art Gallery of Craiova.
The Column of the Infinite, was erected in 1937 in memory of those who died during WWI. The 29.35m tall sculpture,  made of 15 steel beads treaded onto an iron core, ranks among the world's 100 most important monuments according to the New York based World Monument Found.
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