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Postcards from Frankfurt
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Frankfurt, Germany - Romer
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Frankfurt - City view
Frankfurt - City view
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Frankfurt, Germany - City Centre
Frankfurt am Main - Airport
Frankfurt, Germany - Airport
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Frankfurt am Main - Alte Oper
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Frankfurt am Main, Germany - An der Hamptwache
Frankfurt am Main, Germany - Romer
Frankfurt - Historische Houser, Ostzeile
Frankfurt - Main River
Frankfurt, Germany - Paulskirche
Frankfurt am Mine - Alte Oper
Frankfurt, Germany - Skyscapers
Frankfurt - Eiserner Steg
Frankfurt am Main - Skyline
Frankfurt am Main - Business District
Frankfurt is Germany's most important transport hub, home to the most important stock exchange in the country, the Bundesbank and the European Central Bank and a thriving recreation centre for the whole of Hesse region. Frankfurt spends more per year on the art than any other city in Europe, with a rich collection of museums that is second only to Berlin's. Also, plays host to some very important trade fairs.
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