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Postcards from Dusseldorf
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Dusseldorf city view
The Lowenhaus in Liefergasse (1288)
Dusseldorf - Oberkassel houses
Dusseldorf - The Rhine bank panorama
Dusseldorf - Gigantic warehouse of a flour manufacturer
Dusseldorf - The Schadow Arcades
Dusseldorf - Inside the mall
Dusseldorf - Ko shopping area
Dusseldorf - The Rhine bank tunnel
Dusseldorf - (Kaiser-Wilhelm Ring in Oberkassel)
Dusseldorf - (Kaiser-Wilhelm Ring in Oberkassel)
Dusseldorf - The Schlossturm Tower
Dusseldorf - State Pension Insurance Corporation's skyscraper
Dusseldorf - Thyssen skyscraper "Three-Sliced House"
Dusseldorf - The cast-iron bridge over the Ko
Dusseldorf - Riuns of the Kaiserswerth castle
Dusseldorf - The Town Hall
Dusseldorf - The business centre
Dusseldorf - The Rhine Bank view
Dusseldorf - Schloss Benrath
Dusseldorf - Schlossturm Tower
Dusseldorf - The business district
Dusseldorf - Kaufhof department store
Dusseldorf - Fishing on the Rhine bank
Dusseldorf - The Wilhelm Marx Haus (1920)
Dusseldorf - The Japanese Garden
Dusseldorf, the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, is an attractive city of palaces, ruined castles, beautiful parks, fashion fairs, a cultural metropolis renowned for its lifestyle. Dusseldorf is also the birthplace of the poet Heinrich Heine (1797-1856).
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