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Vlad Dracula Pictures
Vlad Tepes "Dracula" engraving from 1491, Bamburg
Vlad Tepes "Dracole Wayda" engraving from 1491, Bamberg
Vlad Tepes "Dracula"
In 1456, John Hunyadi invaded Turkish Serbia while Dracula invaded Wallachia in the same time. In the battle of Belgrade, Hunyadi was killed and his army defeated. Dracula succeded in killing Vladislav II and recaptured the Wallachian throne in July 1456. He bribed the Sultan to leave him alone, increased the annual tribute to 10,000 gold ducats while he consolidated his own position. He organized the country on social, political and cultural levels; he took measures in order to centralize the power of the country and to increase its potential of defense and prosperity. Vlad Tepes longest reign (1456-1462) was also the period when he commited most gruesome cruelties.