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Vlad Dracula Pictures
Vlad Tepes "Dracula" engraving from 1499
Vlad Tepes - "Impale Forest", engraving printed in Dracole Wayda, Nuremberg, 1499
"Impale forest", engraving printed on the cover of Dracole Wayda by Ambrosiu Huber in the Nuremberg, 1499 - it referred to an incident that took place at the foot of Tampa Hill in Brasov. When the Saxon merchants refused to pay taxes for trading throughout Wallachia, in 1459 Vlad Tepes led an assault on Brasov, burned an entire suburb and impales numerous captives. The numbers vary from hundreds to 40, according to which source you consult.The German woodcut inspired by this event depictes the prince having a meal; around him are innumerable dead or dying impaled victims in grotesque positions. A similar engraving appeared in Dracole Wayda in the town of Strassburg in 1500.