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Vlad Dracula Pictures
Comana Monastery founded by Vlad Tepes in 15th century
Comana Monastery founded by Vlad Tepes
Comana Monastery was founded by Vlad Tepes at the middle of the 15th century and was rebuilt by Radu Serban at the end of the 16th century. Vlad Tepes's downfall was caused by the Saxons, who supported his enemies and lied about him throughout Europe because he increased customs taxes to pay for his army. Vlad was arrested by Matei Corvin on the pretext of a forged letter that implicated him in a Turkish plot to overthrow the Hungarian king. Matei Corvin held him as a prisoner at Visegrad for 4 years, and would present him to visiting Turkish emissaries as a warning of what could happen to them if they misbehaved. Ilona, the sister of  Matei Corvin, fell in love with Dracula and used her influence with her brother to have Vlad freed and then married.