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Vlad Dracula Pictures
Govora Monastery founded by Vlad Tepes in 15th century
Govora Monastery founded by Vlad Tepes
Govora Manastery is said to be founded by Vlad Tepes in the 15th century, probably on an earlier church site built in 14th century and destroyed. By the 1488 Vlad Calugarul had repaired the church. During the reign of Radu the Handsome it became an influential cultural centre. Here was printed the first Romanian book of law. The church features includes an open porch and polygonal apse with lovely carved window frames.
Legends and tales about Dracula have remained a part of the Romanian folklore and have been passed down from generation to generation for five hundred years. Many of the tales found in the pamphlets are found in the Romanian verbal tradition where Dracula is remembered as a just prince who defended his people from the Turks invaders, dishonest German merchants, treacherous boyars, robbers, beggars and cunning priests.