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Vlad Dracula Pictures
Vlad Tepes "Dracula" - Bran Castle
Vlad Tepes "Dracula" - Bran castle
Bran Castle is famous for its association with the Dracula legend. The 15th century Wallachian prince upon whom the novelist Bram Stroker is (incorrectly) supposed to have his bloodthirsty vampire connected to the Bran Castle. In truth, Dracula may have attacked and briefly captured the castle in 1460, during one of his raids on Burzen Land. Is also believed that Vlad Tepes sought refuge for a few days in Bran on his flight from the Turks in 1462 following their attack on the Poienari fortress in Arges Valley. Legend has it that his wife flung herself out of the window of the Poenari castle to avoid being cuptured by the Turks and Vlad himself escaped over the mountains on horseback, fooling his pursuers by affixing horseshoes that left the impression of cow prints.