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Postcards from Bologna
Bologna - Porta Galliera (Galliera Gate)
Bologna, Italy - Galliera Gate (Porta Galliera)
Via Galliera runs north-south and in the palaces located on this road, one can read the history of many senatorial families in Bologna. Palazzo Torfanini at Via Galliera n.4, dating back to the mid 16th century, was bought by the Duke of Modena that had it remodeled by Alfonso Torreggiani in 1732. Palazzo dal Monte at n.3-5, attributed to Formigine, dates back to 16th century. Palazzo Aldrovandi (Montanari Palace) at n.8, is a majestic Baroque building started in 1725. Palazzo Savioli at n.40, started by Compagnini, belonged to the poet L. Savioli.