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Postcards from Bologna
Bologna - General view
Bologna and its towers
Bologna - Piazza Maggiore
Bologna - Via Rizzoli
Accursio Palace and Neptune fountain
Bologna - Piazza Maggiore
Bologna - Maggiore Square
Bologna - Castiglione's Torresotto
Bevilacqua - Sanuti Palace
Palace of the Archiginnasio
Bologna - Galliera Gate
Saragozza Gate (Porta Saragozza)
Bologna - Porta Maggiore
Bologna - Porta Galliera
Bologna - Meloncello Arch (Arco del Meloncello)
Blessed Virgin of St. Luca Shrine
Church of St. Mary of Mercy
Basilica of S. Domenico (13th century)
Bologna - University of the studies
D'Accursio Palace (The Townhall) - The Red Room
Basilica di S. Stefano
Bologna - Basilica di S. Stefano
Basilica di Santo Stefano
Basilica di S. Francesco
St. Vittore's Church
Bologna - Palazzo Poggi
Bologna - Villa Aldini
Pinacoteca Nazionale - Giotto (1333)
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                              Bologna is the town with the highest number of arcades in the world; they are 35 km long and offer an unmatched architectonic view. The longest known arcade is the one linking the town to the St. Luke Sanctuary on the Della Guardia hill.  From the 180-200 towers in the 12th and 13th century, only forty towers remains today: as the Asinelli (98m), the Garisenda (48m), the Incoronata (59m) and the Altabella (60m).