George Bacovia
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Lord ! The necessity of a glass of wine ...
And contemplation, the peaks of poetry -
But why, I wonder, do I sigh again :
... As everything, perhaps, is quick sorcery.
George Bacovia (1881-1957)
Doamne ! necesitatea unui vin ...
Si-a gandului culmi de poezie -
Oare pentru ce, mai mult, acest suspin :
... Ca totul, poate, e-o repede magie.
Ca in tacerea grava-a unui dom,
Viata pare-a trece fara nici un sens ...
Si acele asteptari a vietii de om, -
... Sana mens !
For in the solemn silence of a dome,
It seems that life passes with no sense ...
And these expectations in the life of man, -
... Sana mens !