George Bacovia
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Winter picture
Grim snowfall on the plain by the abattoir
And warm blood streams along the runnels;
The snow is thick with blood of animals -
And if keeps snowing on a sad skater ...
George Bacovia (1881-1957)
Tablou de iarna
Ninge grozav pe camp la abator
Si sange cald se scurge pe canal;
Plina-i zapada de sange animal -
Si ninge mereu pe-un trist patinator ...
E albul aprins de sange-nchegat
Si corbii se plimba prin sange ... si sug;
Dar ceasu-i tarziu ... in zari corbii fug, -
Pe camp la abator s-a innoptat.
Congealed blood is blazing on the white,
And through the blood, sipping it, strut ravens;
But it's late now ... they fly into the heavens -
On the plain by abattoir it's turned to night.
It keeps on snowing in the benighted sky ...
And now when gloomy windows are alight
The glittering wolves approch the abattoir.
- Darling, it's me at the icy door ...
Ninge mereu in zarea-nnoptata ...
Si-acum cand geamuri triste se aprind
Spre abator vin lupii licarind.
- Iubito, sant eu la usa inghetata.