George Bacovia
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And it snows ...
And in the great town it snows,
The night is flush with orgies, and
Through gilded halls comes the sound
Of brass bands and of orchestras.
George Bacovia (1881-1957)
Si ninge ...
Si ninge in orasul mare
E noapte plina de orgii,
Iar prin saloane aurii
S-aud orchestre, si fanfare.
Femei nocturne, singurele
La colt de strada se atin,
Desfrau de bere si de vin
Prin berarii, si cafenele.
Solitary nocturnal women
Keep watch at street corners,
In bars and cafes there's
A beery, vinous dissolution.
Dazzling window displays,
Diamond, and ruby ...
The town is flush with money,
And in the great town it snows !...
De orbitoare galantare
De diamant, si de rubin ...
Si de averi orasu-i plin,
Si ninge in orasul mare !...