George Bacovia
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To a Virgin
Mam'selle is forever reading,
She plays the piano, she paints -
And night after night stays awake,
Perhaps that is why she grows thin.
George Bacovia (1881-1957)
Unei Fecioare
Duduia vesnic citeste;
Stie clavirul, picteaza -
Si nopti de-a randul vegheaza,
Si poate, de-aceea slabeste.
Se crede, si unii o spun -
Dar totul ramane secret -
Duduia viseaza-un poet,
Bizar, singuratec, nebun.
It's believed, and some even say -
But this is a secret kept close -
Mam'selle dreams of a poet,
Bizarre, solitary, insane.