George Bacovia
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The foliage now has begun
A lazy, sorrowful round;
And I weep, and my weeping at night
Is kin to the willow outside.
George Bacovia (1881-1957)
Miezul Noptii
Frunzisul acuma pornit-a
O lenesa, jalnica hora;
Si plang, si cu plansul in noapte
Rachita de-afara mi-i sora.
S-apropie-ncet miezul noptii,
Si suna a frunzelor hora,
Eu trec din odaie-n odaie,
Cand bate satanica ora.
Midnight slowly approches,
And the leaves' reel resounds -
I pass on from room to room,
When the satanic hour strikes.