George Bacovia
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In the Park
Now the park is ravaged, sick,
Gnawed by cancer and consumption,
Stained red to the quick -
Now hospital scene pass in succession.
George Bacovia (1881-1957)
In Parc
Acum sta parcul devastat, fatal,
Mancat de cancer si ftizie,
Patat de rosu carne-vie -
Acum, se-nsira scene de spital.
Atunci, radea,
Bateau aripi de veselie;
Parfum, polen si histerie, -
Atunci, in parc si ea venea.
Then she used to laugh,
Wings of gladness would flutter;
Scent, pollen and hysteria, -
Then she too came to the park.
Now, on white feminine statues,
Leaves of blood fall in the empty park;
By the delicate forms' white pattern now pass
Successive scene of rape.
Acum cad foi de sange-n parcul gol,
Pe albe statui feminine;
Pe alb model de forme fine,
Acum se-nsira scene de viol ...