George Bacovia
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Winter Lead
In winter regret has taken me through woods
For long now, by the side of the railway line -
Towards evening I walk by frozen waters alone
When the violet flutters above the world.
George Bacovia (1881-1957)
Plumb de Iarna
Iarna, de-o vreme, ma duce regretul
Prin campuri, pe margini de linii ferate -
Trec singur spre seara pe ape-nghetate,
Cand falfaie, pe lume, violetul.
Paloarea, mutismul mineaza-al meu piept
Pe satele ninse crai-nou cand apare;
Trec singur pe poduri de fier solitare,
Si-astept in zapada ... dar ce mai astept?
Pallor and dumbness undermine my heart
When the new moon shows over snowed-in villages;
Alone I walk by solitary iron bridges,
And wait in the snow ... but wait, wait for what?
Hoo! ...hoo! ... far off under frozen stars ...
At whose door shall I knock in the terrible night?
O, dream ... O, liberty ...
Hoo! ... hoo! ... far off under frozen stars ...
Hau! ... Hau! ... departat sub stele-nghetate ...
In noaptea grozava la cine voi bate? ...
O, vis ... o, libertate ...
Hau! ... Hau! ... departat sub stele-nghetate ...