George Bacovia
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Lugubrious, late in the night
The brass-band barrel-organ whined ...
Lost in the deserted museum,
I looked through the glasses, alone.
George Bacovia (1881-1957)
Plangea caterinca-fanfara
Lugubru in noapte, tarziu ...
Si singur priveam prin ochene,
Pierdut in muzeul pustiu ...
Si-n lumea ochenelor triste
Ma prinse sinistre ganduri -
In jurul meu corpuri de ceara,
Cu hade si fixe priviri.
And in the world of sad glasses
I was gripped by sinister thoughts -
There were bodies of wax around me,
With hideous, fixed stares.
And the brass-band barrel organ
Gave me a satanic fright;
In coffins of glass - princesses
In lace mechanically sighed.
Si-acea caterinca-fanfara
Imi dete un tremur satanic;
In racle de sticla - princese
Oftau, in dantele, mecanic.
Si-atunci am fugit plin de groaza
Din sumbrul muzeu fioros,
Orasul dormea in tacere,
Flasneta plangea cavernos.
And then full of horror I ran
From the sombre museum of dread,
The town was sleeping in silence,
Like a cavern the organ whined.
A sad, forgotten aria
The brass-band barrel-organ whined ...
And I stood petrified .. and for ages,
The city seemed to be damned.
Plangea caterinca-fanfara
O arie trista, uitata ...
Si stam impietrit ... si de veacuri
Cetatea parea blestemata.