George Bacovia
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Immensity, eternity,
You, chaos, who gather everything ...
In your void is insanity -
You make us all insane.
George Bacovia (1881-1957)
Imensitate, vesnicie,
To, haos, care toate-aduni ...
In golul tau e nebunie, -
Si tu ne faci pe toti nebuni.
In fata ta sant cel mai las.
Imensitate, vesnicie, -
Iubesc o fata din oras ...
Invata-ma filozofie.
Before you I'm the most cowardly.
Immensity, eternity -
I love a girl from the town ...
Teach me philosophy.
Immensity, eternity,
With what supreme irony,
As I shake with fever, you reveal
In the background a cemetery.
Imensitate, vesnicie,
Pe cand eu tremur in delir,
Cu ce suprema ironie
Arati in fund un cimitir.