George Bacovia
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It is dawn, there's an autumn chill,
And the smoke curls in wisps
As far as your eyes can see;
Through the orchards there's a mist.
George Bacovia (1881-1957)
E-n zori, e frig de toamna,
Si cat cu ochii vezi
Se-ncolaceste fumul,
Si-i pacla prin livezi.
Rasuna, trist, de glasuri
Campiile pustii, -
Si pocnet lung, si chiot
Se-aude-n deal la vii.
The plains, deserted, echo
With voices plaintively, -
From the hillside vineyards a long
Crack and a cheer are heard.
The children run with a kite,
A child like them you feel,
And weep ... there's an autumn chill,
Through the orchards there's a mist.
C-un zmeu copiii alearga,
Copil, ca ei te vezi,
Si plangi ... si-i frig de toamna ...
Si-i pacla prin livezi.