George Bacovia
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Winter Dusk
Sombre and metallic, dusk in winter,
The white plain - vast and round -
A raven comes rowing from the background,
Cutting the skyline at the diameter.
George Bacovia (1881-1957)
Amurg de Iarna
Amurg de iarna, sumbru, de metal,
Campia alba - un imens rotund -
Vaslind, un corb incet vine din fund,
Taind orizontul, diametral.
Copacii rari si ninsi par de cristal.
Chemari de disparitie ma sorb,
Pe cand, tacut, se-ntoarce-aclasi corb,
Taind orizontul, diametral.
Occasional trees like crystal in their snow.
Longings for disappearance sip at me,
While the same raven goes back silently,
Cutting the skyline at the diameter.