George Bacovia
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My loved one plays the piano while
Outside the snow falls ruinously, -
The town's in darkness, as though
It was snowing in a cemetery.
George Bacovia (1881-1957)
Afara ninge prapadind,
Iubita canta din clavir,
Si targul sta intunecat,
De parca ninge-n cimitir.
Iubita canta-un mars funebru,
Iar eu nedumerit ma mir;
De ce sa cante-un mars funebru ...
Si ninge ca-ntr-un cimitir.
My loved one plays a funeral march,
And I'm perplexed and wonder: why
Should she be playing a funeral march ...
And it snows as in a cemetery.
She cries, she's fallen on the keys,
And groans, as fevered, heavily ...
The piano dies in a discord
And it snows as in a cemetery.
Ea plange, si-a cazut pe clape,
Si geme greu ca in delir ...
In dezacord clavirul moare,
Si ninge ca-ntr-un cimitir.
Si plang si eu, si tremurand
Pe umeri pletele-i resfir ...
Afara targul sta pustiu
Si ninge ca-ntr-un cimitir.
And I tremble, and I spread her hair
Over her shoulders; I too cry ...
Outside the town remains deserted,
And it snows as in a cemetery.