George Bacovia
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See how December snows ...
Look there by the window, my dear -
Tell them to bring in more embers,
Then we can hear the fire roar.
George Bacovia (1881-1957)
Te uita cum ninge decembrie,
Spre geamuri, iubito, priveste -
Mai spune s-aduca jaratec
Si focul s-aud cum trosneste.
Si mana fotoliul spre soba,
La horn sa ascult vijelia,
Sau zilele mele - totuna -
As vrea sa le-nvat simfonia.
Push the armchair up the stove
And then we'll hear, by the chimney,
The storm, or my days - it's the same -
I must learn their symphony.
Tell them also to bring in the tea,
And come closer yourself too, please, -
Read me something about the poles,
Let it snow ... let the snow bury us.
Mai spune s-aduca si ceaiul,
Si vino si tu mai aproape, -
Citeste-mi ceva de la poluri,
Si ninga ... zapada ne-ngroape.
Ce cald e aicea la tine.
Si toate din casa mi-s sfinte, -
Te uita cum ninge decembre ...
Nu rade ... citeste-nainte.
How warm it is here in your home,
Which to me is totally sacred, -
See how December snows ...
Don't laugh ... go on reading alaud.
It's day and what darkness there is ...
We need a lamp fetched, would you ask -
Look, the snow is as high as the fence,
And the door-handle's caught by the frost.
I'm not going home now today ...
In front and behind there's a flood,
See how December snows ...
Don't laugh ... go on reading aloud.
E ziua si ce intuneric ...
Mai spune s-aduca si lampa -
Te uita, zapada-i cat gardul,
Si-a prins promoroaca si clanta.
Eu nu mai duc azi acasa ...
Potop e-napoi si-nainte,
Te uita cum ninge decembre,
Nu rade, citeste-nainte.